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Emergency Shelters

An Emergency Shelter is a facility set up to provide temporary housing for persons unable to continue their living arrangement in separate family units.

In Barbados shelters are listed in two categories. A Category 1 Shelter may be used during a hurricane or other hazard event, while Category 2 Shelters may be used if they are still in a reasonable condition after a hazard event or disaster.

Category 1 Shelters are listed below. However, you can click here for more information regarding shelters.

2022 Category 1 Shelters

Shelter Name Parish
Blackman and Gollop Primary School CHRIST CHURCH
Christ Church Foundation School CHRIST CHURCH
Dunamis Outreach Ministries of the Wesleyan Holiness Church CHRIST CHURCH
St. Christopher Primary School CHRIST CHURCH
Gordon Walters Primary CHRIST CHURCH
The Lester Vaughn School ST. THOMAS
Hillaby/Turners Hall ST. THOMAS
Hillaby Seventh Day Adventist Church ST. ANDREW
Gordon Greenidge Primary ST.JAMES
Queens College ST. JAMES
The Church of God Orange Hill ST. JAMES
Ruby Nazarene Church ST.PHILIP
Six Roads Seventh Day Adventist Church ST.PHILIP
Six Roads Church of Christ ST.PHILIP
Hilda Skeene Primary School ST.PHILIP
The Lodge School ST.JOHN
Tamarind Hall Library Eric Holder Municipal Complex ST.JOSEPH
Black Rock Seventh Day Adventist Church ST.MICHAEL
Combermere School ST.MICHAEL
Dalkeith Mehodist Church ST.MICHAEL
St. Barnabas Day Care Centre ST.MICHAEL
Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre ST.MICHAEL
Harrison College ST.MICHAEL
The University of the West Indies ST.MICHAEL
Faith Wesleyan Holiness Church ST.MICHAEL
Connell Town Pentecostal House of Prayer ST. LUCY
The William Donald George Parish Centre(St. Lucy Parish Church) ST. LUCY
Cuthbert Moore Primary ST. GEORGE
Ellerton Wesleyan Holiness Church ST. GEORGE
Roland Edwards Primary School ST. PETER
Coleridge and Parry School ST. PETER

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