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Tsunami Information

A tsunami is a series of ocean waves generated by sudden displacements in the sea floor. This displacement of the sea floor is most frequently caused by earthquakes occurring below or near the seafloor. However displacement may also be caused by underwater volcanic eruptions, landslides and meteorites. Waves may range in height from a few inches to several metres high.

A tsunami has great destructive potential and is capable of quickly flooding areas thousands of feet inland past the normal high tide level. Their fast moving waters can crush cars, homes, buildings and anything else in their path.

In Barbados the month of March is designated as “Tsunami and Earthquake Smart Month”. One of the major activities during the month is the regional CaribeWave Exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to assist tsunami preparedness efforts in the Caribbean and Adjacent regions, including United States and Canadian east coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and Bermuda.