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Shelter Retrofit Project Survey

The Barbados Council for the Disabled in collaboration with the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) will be conducting a survey targeted to the disabled community during the period November 4 - 29, 2019. The purpose of the survey will be to facilitate the collection of much needed data with regards to the requirements of the disabled community immediately before, after and during a hazard impact including the need for transportation to and from a public shelter.

For further information on how you may participate in this survey, please call the Barbados Council for the Disabled at 629-0571 or the DEM at 438-7575. CLICK HERE to download the survey, then complete and email to

Our Mission

To develop, promote and maintain a comprehensive National Disaster Management Programme which will: Educate all citizens about the various elements of Disaster Management. Create appropriate mechanisms which will promote and advance Disaster Management activities at all levels of the society.

Promote and institutionalize the practice of appropriate preventative and mitigation measure for all possible hazards. Promote the development and maintenance of effective warning, response and recovery plans for all sectors of the society.

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Emergency Shelters
An Emergency Shelter is a facility set up to provide temporary housing for persons unable to continue their living arrangement in separate family units.

In Barbados shelters are listed in two categories. A Category 1 Shelter may be used during a hurricane or other hazard event, while Category 2 Shelters may be used if they are still in a reasonable condition after a hazard event or disaster.

Please click here to view Hurricane Shelters in your area.